re:de:construction | 2015

I was traveling after a summer in Prague back to the UAE and I got to thinking about all of the work that I put into building and creating the photographs that I worked all summer to create. How much of that is actually necessary? How much of it can I erase and still express the intention of the photos. I came to the idea of printing the photos on a watercolor paper or fiberous paper and sanding them away. I initially thought to sand the paper back until it could barely be even called paper. Make it so thin that it could hardly hold up on it is own, but still have an image within it

I started doing this, and soon realized just how difficult a task this is, because when it get that thin, it becomes extremely fragile and is very easy to damage while still working on it. 

Then as I was distressing the paper with a power hand sander I began to actually draw things into the image, I began to create something new through the process of destruction. Which then led me to think what other things could I do to the print that would act as a distressing agent and how could I create a new image through the act of destruction.

I began in earnest to try to better figure out the capabilities and limitations of paper itself and how the paper and the mediums interacted. 

I began with the idea of creating natural shapes and forms based on the shape of the human body. Over time that evolved into straight lines that were based on lines in the photographs and through the intersection of the lines created brand new shapes and forms in the image. 

When I was a child I used to take take things apart in order to figure out how they work. When I was in college I began studying phsychology in order to try to take people apart and figure out how they work. And now in my artwork I am taking apart a beautiful image of a person in order to better understand why and how they work.

I like to tinker. I strive to understand things in life. I wan to know how a computer works, so I take it apart. I want to know how a person works, I take images of it apart. I try different techniques of deconstructing the person, she organic and natural shapes, other more mathematical and obsessive. I seem to figure out certain things that work well in taking them apart, while in others the process itself breaks the image and so I need to reconstruct it in a different way, kind of like I lost some of the parts while taking it apart. And now I need to rebuild something new from what I have available.

I remember being a kid and being told that I needed to draw within the lines. And I did for awhile. But later I began to ask why. And nobody was able to give me a good reason. Without logic and reason I was unwilling to comply. I want the world to have structure, organization, logic and reason. Without these things I will not comply. I want to create this things out of the madness that is modern life. 

One day I was reading a book and I dog eared a page to mark my spot. The next day I started reading again and noticed that the act of folding the paper was something that could not be undone. It was a permanent act that I have done to the paper that could never be undone. I had scarred the paper. This nature of things being done that are irrevocable and everlasting is something that I wanted to have in my work. Not to mention that it also added an additional physical dimensionality to the work. So I set forward the next day to fold my prints and integrate the new shapes and forms that they manifested in the image.

Each work is one of kind and range in size from 42 x 42 inches to 42 x 62 inches.