A Look Inside. | 1998 – 2001

This work is not meant to represent first-hand experiences, but rather investigate manufactured experiences that are being created daily by mass print media.

The term ‘rephotography’ can be used to express the techniques of this series. I have taken photographs that were utilized for printed mass media and ‘rephotogrpahed’ them through the photogram process. In the process of ‘revising’ or ‘compromising’ the magazine’s original intention of the images through the happenstance juxtaposition of the two images on the verso and recto of each page.

Subverting their original intention and attempting to decode the cultural artifacts by reconfiguring the ‘relational possibilities’ of the mass media images creates a revised aesthetic of the original images and addresses the use of sex, desire, and consumerism as used in marketing in the mass media.

20 x 24 inches

Archival pigment print on Epson exhibition fiber paper

edition of 25