GIST | 2009 – 2010

Everywhere I went and everyone I spoke with kept telling me about all of the different fabulous magazines I should read, however I had little time to read their recommendations (and sometimes little interest). I wanted instead was someone to give me the ‘gist’ of the story. I wanted the visual ‘CliffsNotes’. This led me to thinking about the visual language of magazine design and how they have a language of their own. I chose to scan every page of a magazine, then layer them digitally to create one single image. The result is this visually lyrical sense of the contents of the magazine. All of the words and images were transformed into a single image that visually represented the entire content of the publication. In this time crunched and media saturated world this is a meditation on the nature of time and the media and where we choose to put our attention.

Printed on Epson Hot Press Bright Paper in editions of:
7 / 2 AP – 11×14 inches
7 / 2 AP – 16 x 20 inches