Sentimentalist – Portrait Cycle

“At a time when digitally captured and enhanced photographs can achieve new levels of flawlessness, I find myself increasingly drawn to handmade, inherently flawed images. Work with some complexity and ambiguity, work that was constructed or crafted, work with a very individual voice. Some of the effects that I was most taken with–the lovely, ghostly layering in Matthew Dols’s Sentimentalist series.”
Vince Aletti, curator notes from Photography Now 2011

People in my life are an amalgamation of every experience that I have ever had.  Childhood experiences, sense recognition, and expectations influence how I engage and view people I meet.

Expectations and dreams also influence how I engage with any moment in time. I will often act more demure around a potential lover then I will around an old friend because there is the potential for a romantic and intimate future with a possible lover that is not present with an old friend.

This imagery takes the myriad of experiences and expectations and blends all of them together. A single image is created by layering hundreds of images of a single person in order to create a ‘sense’ of that person, and how they are in my life. Some of the images end up being representational, while others become more ethereal, which is illustrative of how I see all the people in my life.