the pure, the seductress, and the evil

In 1992, when I was 18 years old I was living in London, UK. While there I saw the exhibition ‘Fiereze of Life’ at the National Gallery which was the work of Edvard Munch. I connected very strongly with his impression of women as having three different aspects to themselves; the pure, the seductress, and the evil. He represented them in the manner of painting the same woman in three different outfits, white, red, and black in a single painting. Ever since then, everywhere I go, when look at any person I meet I wonder if they are the pure, the seductress, and the evil. The idea of the three aspects of people's personalities can be the id, ego, and superego; the holy trinity; me, myself, and I; the mind, body and soul or seen through the lens of many other depictions of ‘three’. In reality people are not that simple to classify because we are all of these aspects at different points in her life.

I am striving to create images that express the individual nature of these three archetypal different aspects of a people's personality while using the implied lines to express their interconnectedness and their overlap. I am trying to stop a moment and engage in the complexity of the organized chaos that is within all of us. In doing so, I hope to better understand people in my life and my own questionable life choices.