Ironic Detachment


2002 – 2004

This work is a continuation of ‘When I tell the truth, people think I am lying’. In the previous work, I had utilized letterpress and a typewriter font to assist in the expression of the idea. However the feedback that I received was that the work was very cold and sterile because of the typewriter typography, therefore I attempted to expand on the series by using my own handwriting in the pieces. Additionally, I chose to visually incorporate the text and images in a graphic manner in order to attempt to express the interconnectedness of the concept and the visual elements of each idea.

This series could be seen as a part two of ‘when I tell the truth’. Many of the images and text were originally intended for that book but were not cohesive to the book. Therefore I created that later work as a continuation of the book in order to feel that I have expressed the complete thoughts and ideas that I was unable to express in a single book.

I had all of these thoughts and feeling about my life and life itself that I wanted to share, not in an arrogant way, but in a way that assisted me in feeling more connected to other people through the commonality of our fears and dreams.