2009 – 2010

I was living in a small town in Ohio and I was in my first position as a full-time professor at a University. Everywhere I went and everyone I spoke with kept telling me about all of the different fabulous books and magazines in the world that I should read. But I had little to no time to read most of the things that were recommended to me. (and possibly little interest)

I wanted someone to give me the ‘gist’ of the story. I wanted the visual cliff notes. Which lead me to thinking about the visual language of book and magazine design and how they have their own language. Equipped with the most up to date technologies of the time I decided to try to take scans of every page of a book or magazine and layer them in Photoshop and create a single image that renders a visual representation of the entirety of the book in a single image.

The result is this visually lyrical sense of the contents of the book or magazine. All of the words and images were transformed in to a single image that visually represented the content of the publication.

This interest begin during my MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute when I made a series of work in which I transformed a word into a symbol by tracing the movement that one finger takes over a keyboard in typing a word. I created a visual language word by word. This work is a progression of that attempt at creating an alternative method of conveying information through an alternative visual language.