2005 – 2006

When I began in photography I was taught to treat my prints and negatives in a very precious way that they were like gold. And after many years of doing this I began to question why. Why should they be precious, why can’t I mistreat them, why can’t the randomness of the interaction of my hands, body, and materials add an additional layer to the work. I wanted to investigate different ways to treat and manipulate images both the images and the surface of the images.

This investigation was partly a reaction to the introduction of digital photography and how slick and perfect photographers thought that images should be, and partly my desire to figure out new techniques to assist me in better expressing the conceptual and emotional states that I desired to express through my photographs.

This was my first time that I used my hands to investigate the materiality of the photographic process. I had done previous work that investigated various techniques of using the ‘drawing with light’ nature of photography. But this was the first time that I actively manipulated the materiality of the photographic process itself through tearing, bleaching, glue, polyurethane, and various other constructive and destructive processes.

I wanted to test the limitations and opportunities that eh techniques of the medium had to offer. While the series as a whole may not have been the most cohesive or successful series in my career, the work was a large conceptual and methodological leap forward for me into the potentiality of the medium. Therefore it is important to me because it represents my decision to break away form the traditional techniques and begin the process of finding my own way in the photographic world.