‘Prude, slut, bitch’

When I was 20 years old I was living in London and saw the exhibition ‘fiereze of life’ that was the work of Edward munch,and I connected very strongly with his impression of women as having three different aspects to them, the pure, innocent, virgin, the seductress, lustful, whore, and the death, depression. He represented them in the manner of painting the same woman in three different outfits, white, red, and black. I kept this idea in mind for over 20 years.

I finally had the opportunity, financially and physically to create a large scale version of this idea. At this point I had been working with distressing my prints and painting on them, so this felt like the right time to attempt my own interpretation of this idea.

I was able to work in an almost life size scale in order to express the visceral feeling that I feel these various aspects of a single woman represent in my daily life. Everywhere I go when I look at a woman I wonder if she is a prude, slut, or bitch. When in reality they are all of them at different points in their lives.